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I may or may not live in Hogwarts.

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Last night I got to see what is basically the Ivy League version of Kip’s.

This is the last time I will speak of that place.

In the morning I was rudely awoken by church bells at eight-thirty in the morning. On a Saturday.

I couldn’t get my somewhat hungover self back to sleep, so I hauled my ass out of bed and decided to take some pictures of the law school campus. You know, #swag and all that.

The first thing I would like to note is that I basically live in Hogwarts or something. This is my dorm, for realz, bro. MacGonagall’s about to pop out of the bushes any moment and make all the statues come to life. I just hope that this one stays a statue:

I have to look at this guy’s weiner before I go to class, every day. It’s pretty awkward, yo.

This is the building they’ve allotted to student organizations. I want to point out that this is our version of Eshleman Hall. Also HAHAHAHAHAHA YOU’RE POOR.

There’s lectures halls and offices in this building. Kind of like an intelligently-built Dwinelle, except extremely attractive and highly up-to-date on the inside. You know, microphones and electric sockets at every desk in the lecture halls and all that. And air conditioning. So, not like Dwinelle at all.

While I was taking pictures of Austin Hall, some students kept giving me the stinkeye. I responded naturally: I trolled the shit out of them by pretending to be a Japanese tourist that had wandered up here from the Yard.

I had a swan boat excursion later in the day, but I’ll save that for another post.


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  1. Ugh. Daily bronze weiner is so not cool. The other parts, however, look like a great backdrop to take picture’s of FO’s. Just sayin’!


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